Wood, Pellet, & Gas Heating Appliance Dealers in Clovis, CA

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Since 1980, Ponderosa Hearth And Home has been the home for high-end fireplace inserts and stoves in Clovis, CA and the entirety of San Joaquin Valley. Our goal is to make energy efficient solutions and clean burning technology available to everyone. We provide American-made, EPA certified, wood-burning stoves and pellet-burning appliances in unlimited designs and styles.
Our highly trained sales staff in the showroom can help you find the unit that fits your home's heating needs. We offer annual maintenance plans and emergency services for all makes and models of stoves and air conditioning systems.
We are fully committed to both improving your home's comfort, as well as improving air quality in the Valley. We are active participants in the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District's program, “Burn Cleaner” for fireplace and wood stove change out. Come visit us today for more information and to browse our showroom.

The Sweeps maintenance plans

If you have a wood, gas, or pellet-burning stove or fireplace insert in the Greater Fresno area, you can trust that the factory-trained and certified technicians at The Sweeps can fix and maintain it. Call us at 559-298-1610 today to schedule your maintenance appointment today before winter sets in.