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Ponderosa Hearth & Home has been the home of high-end fireplace inserts and stoves in Clovis, CA.
Chapter 1 - Ponderosa Stove Works Inc.

Ponderosa Stove Works Inc. was originally owned and operated by Chuck Roberts.  Chuck used to manufacturer Ponderosa Stoves and Inserts as well as other products like gates closer for valley home owners.  Ponderosa Stoves and Inserts were known for their superior construction, superb performance, and fancy two part door with a Ponderosa Pine sillouette centered between the glassed doors.  Chuck and his team manufactured these stoves and inserts for many years.  As EPA requirements became more stringent and the cost of certifying the stoves to meet modern emission reduction requirements Chuck decided to close operations and sold the lease on his building to David and Diane Cloyd in February 1980.  Chuck retired to Paradise, CA were he still resides today.  There are many owners of Ponderosa Stoves here in the central valley and we still get positive feedback on their continued performance today.  In some cases polishing the solid brass doors of the higher end Ponderosa Stoves has become an annual habit in upkeep and pride of ownership for their owners.

Note:  If you find yourself reading this part of our history and know more information and details about our history or if you have a story to share about your Ponderosa Stove, we would love to hear from you.

has been the home for high-end fireplace inserts and stoves in Clovis, CA and the entirety of San Joaquin Valley since 1970. Our goal is to make energy efficient solutions and clean burning technology available to everyone. We provide American-made, EPA certified, wood-burning stoves and pellet-burning appliances in unlimited designs and styles. Our highly trained sales staff in the showroom can help you find the unit that fits your home’s heating needs. We offer annual maintenance plans and emergency services for all makes and models of stoves and air conditioning systems. We are fully committed to both improving your home’s comfort, as well as improving air quality in the Valley. We are active participants in the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District’s program, “Burn Cleaner” for fireplace and wood stove change out. Come visit us today for more information and to browse our showroom.

Chapter 2 - The Sweeps

After many years as a driver and supervisor for UPS Dave Cloyd decided to start his own business sweeping chimneys which he named “The Sweeps”.  Daves Mom did the art work for their business cards and they were off and running.  Dave’s wife Diane worked out of their home office booking appointments and Dave covered a wide range of chimney cleaning, repair, and inspections services.  Dave would often times have the opportunity to sell a stove or insert to his customers and he would source his product from the local Stove Manufacturing Shop named Ponderosa Stove Works.  Over the years he got to know Chuck Roberts so when Chuck decided to close his manufacturing operation Dave seized the opportunity and asked to take over his lease of the building.  Dave and Diane formed the business Ponderosa Stove Works maintaining the connections to the companies history and quality.  They setup their showroom in a part of the previous manufacturing facility and started selling stove, inserts, and fireplaces from other manufacturers.  Diane spent most of her time managing the newly formed retail establishments and Dave continued sweeping chimneys, stoves, and inserts and making repairs for the local community.  In May 2018 Dave decided to sell his business and retire to Los Osos, CA.

Chapter 3 - Ponderosa Hearth and Home

In February 2018 Robert Vieira was researching businesses in the Clovis area that were up for sale.  He came across a fireplace shop with a rich history and a strong product offering.  Having grown up in a entrepreneurial family he was interested in running his own operation which allowed for family to be part of the operation.  Having spent many years in managing maintenance and engineering departments in the food processing industry he was looking for a different kind of opportunity to finish his career with.  The latest Ponderosa history is currently being written with new product lines primarily built in the USA and in California.  The Ponderosa Showroom is being remodeled and brought up to modern standard and many new fireplace, stoves, and inserts are being brought into inventory to meet both the tradition and contemporary consumer.

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